There is taking a trip.

Then there is taking a VACATION!

I was sitting there overseas in Kuwait, working my contract security job, when it hit me. I was a few weeks from coming home. I started thinking about the sweet feel of grass underneath my feet, the delicious food my mother makes and tells me I have to come over because there are too many left-overs, and then there is my coffee pot. My mornings consisted of grinding fresh Kona Coffee beans, smelling the aroma they make when they are just right, and then brewing a delicious pot of coffee. Just then, it hit me. I need a vacation. I checked out what my vacation club had to offer for the year and the first vacation that stood out was Quepos, Costa Rica!

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There are many vacation ideas out there to choose from. Ideas like summer vacation ideas, cheap vacation ideas, all inclusive vacation ideas, romantic vacation ideas, beach and family vacation ideas, and vacation ideas on a budget. I chose to take a beach and family vacation.Well I went to Quepos Costa Rica in 2014 after I came home from being overseas for twelve long months. I have been to many places around the world, but this time I felt I needed some adventure. Oh how I found that adventure. Deep into the steep hills you’ll find the most beautiful and elegant scenery of a landscape rich in color, fragrance, and life. The air is filled with the smell of the market stores selling sweet local produce, and the aroma of home style recipes brewing in pots and on stoves. A place where everyone is smiling and there is more sun than you know what to do with.

I know what you may be thinking. This sounds like one of those very expensive trips that only the rich and famous go on. I’ll reveal the price of this amazing vacation and how you can go to Costa Rica later in this blog. I’ll be posting vacations on a budget, vacation discounts, family vacation ideas, romantic vacation ideas, cruise ideas, vacations with white sand beaches, vacation ideas in America and outside of America, and much more! Keep checking my blog for updates and ways to save while vacationing more!

After a semi-long flight, we touch down. The cabin doors open and immediately you can feel the warmth of the slightly humid air caress your face. People are moving fast with a sense of haste and if you haven’t traveled before, you could become quite confused by the constant motion of people and the endless amount of signs telling you where you are at or where you are going. We are finally here.

  Arrive at the hotel. It’s on. (Maybe after a quick nap)

I’m adventurous and love to go thrill seeking. If you are into that kind of stuff, this is definitely the place for you! If you are not, there is more. My girlfriend and I took a family vacation and spent 8 days and 7 nights in wonderful Costa Rica. Some of the vacation activities that we did were zip lines, snorkeling, Mangrove Monkey Boat Tour (Provided by the awesome people @ ), white water rafting, swimming underneath a waterfall, partied on the largest pontoon ever, and went shopping at the local stores in the city. Talk about amazing fun! We were exhausted at the end of every day. What did we have when we came back to our resort? A swim up bar in the pool behind our room. Paradise, spelled Quepos. At each of the mini-trips there were amazing and knowledgeable tour guides that kept us laughing and learning at the same time. From iguanas to snakes, furry monkeys to aquatic life, from bananas and coconuts to this spiky fruit that tastes like heaven; they told us about it all.

rambutan, costa rica, delicious fruit
Rambutan- Sweet like a grape, texture of a grape, with an edible seed in the middle.

The food and nightlife are amazing. You’ll hear laughter and singing, music and food sizzling; the air rich of delicious aromas and a cool breeze at night. Some of the animals are used to tourists so it wasn’t uncommon that an iguana wouldn’t mind your presence at the pool side. The monkey’s on the other hand pretty much own the area. I finally checked off my vacation bucket list item 403: hand feed a monkey while he’s on my shoulder. I felt bad for the land crabs because it seemed like everything in the area wanted to eat them for dinner. We saw a couple of sea turtles in the water while living the good life on the largest pontoon boat I have ever seen! As colorful as the landscape was out of the water, the aquatic life was equally beautiful with an array of colors that would make Crayola blush.

All this sounds out of the world, right?!?! Well my girlfriend and I only paid $219.00 for 8 days, 7 nights in this wonderful tropical paradise (Airfare wasn’t included. Why is airfare never included?!?!). Yes, you are asking yourself “Did he just say $219.00 for a 8 day, 7 night family vacation?“. This is correct. I’ll create a page next to the link “Who is Joe?” on the menu bar at the top left of my blog that will explain how I get to travel so much, for less, without having to sacrifice the quality and value of my vacation. Keep an eye out to be one of the first to read about how I get to travel so much!

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Enough about my vacation. I’ve said enough about some wonderful things. Now for the pictures that will do my words justice.

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This was definitely one of my top ten fun vacations. I have so many more to go on!

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