We all love to save on hotel costs!

Well here are some savings if you’re looking to book a hotel to these locations:

What do we love more than awesome vacation spots? The ability to save money going to these amazing places! I'll post a blog here soon about my trip to Vicenza Italy and the wineries & restaurants you must try!

Travelocity has a 72 hour sale going on for a lot of popular hotels and resorts. I would keep watching this website to see how long the hotel deals last. I think it'll be more than 72 hours because these are some awesome vacation discounts! Definitely check them out if you're planning a trip to Mexico.

You can find the deals here.

peurto vallarta hotel deals

I would suggest the Grand Miramar Resort and Spa or the Luna Liquids Hotel Boutique. Both have amazing views and comfortable hotel rooms at a discounted rate. No matter which you choose, they all have pretty awesome views and service.

If you're looking for something fun to do, you definitely need to check out these guys at Vallarta Adventures.
They have amazing trips and tours to take you on an adventure seeing dolphins, caves, boat tours, water jet riding, hidden beaches, and much more!
You definitely need to check out the hidden beach in the image at the top of this blog! It is called The Marietas Islands, and many places offer tours to get you there.  Secluded and clear blue water! Perfect for a family get-a-way.

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P.S.S. You can travel as much as me too! It doesn't cost as much as you would think. It's well worth the amazing vacations and memories you can make with your family!